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How to choose right size clothes online?

Getting the Right Size So what’s a shopper to do when it comes to deciphering sizes and making sure that everything fits? A handful of tips will lead you in the right direction and help you nab the right size every time:

1. Measure Yourself
The first thing you need to do is measure yourself.  it’s important to go by your measurements rather than your actual dress size.Measure your shoulder, bust, waist, and hips. You can do this by measuring around your chest for bust, around your belly button for waist, and around your hip bones for your hip measurements.Write down your numbers and keep them handy when you’re ready to start buying clothes online.

Measuring yourself
Measuring yourself

2. Read Up on Sizing Information
Nearly every online clothing retailer has a section of their website devoted to sizing information, which can be a lifesaver when you’re spending money on items you can’t try on. Don’t ignore it – explore it!Before you start adding clothes to your virtual shopping cart, make sure you’re clear on the store’s sizing policies. Even though you’re a 6 in one brand, it doesn’t mean you’re automatically a 6 in every brand. Some manufacturers simply fit larger or smaller, so don’t rely on the dress size until you’ve read though the information on the website and determined which size would fit your measurements best.

3. Know the Difference
When it comes to women’s clothes, some stores sell “Misses” sizing, while others focus on “Free” It’s important to know the difference between the two because it’ll have a huge bearing on the way a garment fits your body.“Misses” is the traditional sizing for women’s clothing, and uses even numbers to denote fit, such as 32, 34,3 6, and 38 all in cm for shoulder. Misses clothes generally have more room in the bust and hips, so they’re great for hourglass figures.Always check the type of sizing before you buy.

4. Write It Down
One way that I shop online with confidence is with a sizing file on my computer. When I have success with a certain brand, I enter the brand and the size I wear into a simple Word document on my desktop. I keep a running list so that when I’m shopping online again, I can quickly bring up my file and know which size is the right one for me.

5. Order More Than One for different style
Never buy from an online clothing store that doesn’t have a generous return policy. A good store offers to pay for returns, but others will require that you pony up for the return label. Regardless, steer clear of stores that don’t allow returns.To avoid sizing issue, order two or more in different style that allowing you to make comparison with their sizes.  perhaps, order two in different sizes from a website with a return policy you can live with. Then, send back the one that doesn’t fit.

Final Word

You can save a ton of cash by surfing the web and buying clothes online, but only if you know how to grab the right size every time. Since sizing, brands, and fit can vary, always check into a store’s return policy before you ever place an order. That way, you’ll look good, and your budget will too.Feel free to visit Jemmy Fashion- online fashion clothes

Happy eShopping with Us... :)