Welcome to Jemmy Fashion Online Shop

How to Order

How to Order


Welcome to Jemmy Fashion, enclosed below is the guideline to show Customer how to place an order in Jemmy Fashion.

In simplicity, there are 4 main procedures that customer needs to follow in order to complete the ordering process.

1. Choose Product & Size

2. Check Out & Place Order

3. Make Payment

4. Fill in Payment Notification (*Important)


1) Choose Product & Size

1.1 Choose the Category that you want to browse from the top menu

1.2 You will then be shown with a list of products, click on the Product photo or product title you like to view or order

1.3 Select desired product, Key in the Quantity that you want to order

1.4 Click on the "Add to Cart" button

1.5 Once finish shopping, point to "Cart" at top-right, and click "Proceed to Checkout" button


2) Check Out & Place Order

2.1 Fill in "Billing Address" and choose "Shipping address", click continue  

2.2 Ensure Shipping address is correctly choosen/ fill, else customer still can fill up different shipping address

2.3 Choose Shipping Method, click continue

2.4 Choose Payment Method / Information, click continue

2.5 Review final order, click button "Place Order" to proceed


3) Make Payment

3.1 Check your email & check order information

3.2 Make payment accordingly

3.3 Record down payment's reference particulars


4) Fill in Payment Notification (to notify Jemmy Fashion Payment being made)

4.1 Once payment is made, collect all payment's reference

4.2 Fill in Payment Notification, click submit



Meanwhile, the process isn't finish yet. When Jemmy Fashion received order from Valued Custome, Jemmy Fashion will carry out necessary activity to ensuring the order is ready for shipping on following business day. The activity involves,


1. Process Order

2. Arrange Delivery

3. Follow Up & Review with Customer


1) Process Order

1.1 Jemmy Fashion will arrange products according to customer's order and needs

1.2 Verify product is part of essential process in Jemmy Fashion, this is ensuring customer always received "Defect Free" product.

1.3 Check payment status


2) Arrange Delivery Service

2.1 Packing products

2.2 Arrange with delivery partners


3) Follow Up & Review with Customer

3.1 Follow up & review customer's needs

3.2 Hear more from customer



Thank you.