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Payment Information

Payment Information



#1 - Payment Notification

If you have made payment, click here to fill up payment notification form, so that we could start processing your order.



#2 - Payment Method

Malaysian Bank transfer:- 

 # Online Transfer, ATM Transfer, Cash Deposit, Interbank Transfer, Cheque Deposit

PayPal is available on request, * Surcharges will apply.


Malaysia Bank

Online Transfer, Interbank Transfer, ATM Transfer, Cash Deposit, Cheque Deposit into the following Malaysian bank accounts are supported


  • CIMB bank

    • Account Number   :  8002041933 (old account : 1209-0015435-05-5) 

    • Account Name      :  Tan Ek Seng

    • Fill up Payment Notification Form 


Payment Gateway  


** Once you have made payment, click here fill up the Payment Notification Form or alternatively email payment slip to [email protected]


Other Countries

  1. Visa / Master Credit Card Accepted, processed via Paypal (* impose surcharge )
  2. Paypal